Sticky Fingers

Oh Lawt!😂😂😂😂😂love love love


How do you tell someone that the person you are so madly in love with is a thief? Alright let me be polite and use my Sunday school lessons and say “how do you tell someone that the person they love has sticky fingers”. I really don’t know how you can tell someone that tho especially if they are four five seconds away from marrying that person.

Ever since Uncle P introduced us to his new found love we have been missing things left right and center. I don’t mean my cinnamon roll that magically disappeared when I went to the gate but I mean money, shoes and chargers. I can forgive a cinnamon bun but honestly how does money disappear. Do we have Cassper the unfriendly ghost in our house?

She came to visit for three days and miraculously we started missing stuff like what just happened. Nobody said…

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Amazing…I have experienced this. God has a way of breaking my pride when I refuse to be humble

Tawonashe's Devotional Musings


Our greatest victories come out of the ashes of our greatest defeats. As soon as Jacob was crippled, he was able to hang on to the Lord for dear life. He knew now that if God didn’t bless him, he had no hope. He couldn’t trust IN himself any longer for he was crippled. He had to cling to the Lord, and in clinging on to the Lord(in his broken state), Jacob received the blessing he had been scheming to get all his life.

There’s a paradox here, in that Jacob seems to have incredible strength in clinging to the Lord after he is wounded. Of course, the Lord could have loosened Jacob’s grip and gotten away. But the Lord loves it when His children cling to Him in their weakness and say, “I won’t let you go until You bless me.”

But we’re all like Jacob: We…

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I would have been so happy…

I havent posted in months! As you might probably know, when I'm quiet,its either I am extremely happy or I am extremely growing- we are no longer allowed to be sad in our late 20s.*lol* I hope you enjoy my comeback. This is the uncomplicated concept of wishing, waiting and definitely not living. Lots of love bubbles