Heartbreak like a pro…

How to get over a heartbreak like a pro. So I am in a tight fix. I promise it is a squeeze. Im faced with the hopeless task of dealing with a heartbreak. I assure you that my heart is shattered. You know when you try to pick up the pieces of something broken and the pieces are so small and scattered that you give up and throw them to the floor again? That is where I am. I also realise though that I have an ability to laugh at myself out of my misery. Where am I going with this? I am hoping that in this therapy session, I can write down my feelings and maybe come up with a full-proof plan of action. Because I definitely abhor being here. So how do we get over heartbreak like a pro?


1. Feel it baby
As low as it gets, get there. I am such a cry-baby as this blog can attest and trust me when I say the waterworks are effective. It is not your fault so who do you have to be strong for? As long as it takes, cry away.

2. Let the anger sink in
You only have one chance before the No contact rule has to be put into action so let it out. Be angry. Call the dumper names. Make a dart board with his face on it. Be angry with yourself too. For not seeing this coming. For allowing another human being to walk all over you and think that they can get away with. Some may think that I am extremist but I assure you, most of us have been there. I am simply giving you the permission to do so.

3. No contact rule.
I am not the best example for this one but it is time for new rules. If the dumper dumped you, what right has he to still have contact to the dumpee? Still busk in the glory of your light? By dumping you, they simply mean they need you out of their life. So give them exactly that. Not only is it polite to accept other human beings’ requests, it is good for your soul.


4. The following day
The hardest part is waking up the next morning. If you wake up and manage to hit the shower give yourself a pat on the back. If you manage to stay at your desk until lunchtime- well done! If you manage to stay at work until 4pm, wow, I’m proud of you. Why? Because we still have the night time to deal with. By taking your little victories as they come, you are reinforcing yourself in your own company.

5. Make plans that suit you
There are so many breakup tricks and tips that have been given over the years. Some work for others, some don’t. Tailor make your own. I don’t want to be under someone to get over someone. And that’s okay. I do not wish to put my number on blast so that I can have random company. That’s alright. Instead I want to switch off my phone, turn off my WhatsApp, not talk about it and let it sink in. It works for me. Now, what works for you?

6. Pros can make fun of themselves
Hey Lissy, you just got dumped. Let that sink in. Take time to make fun of yourself. This helps you to fully comprehend the situation. It also allays the what-if and the maybe thoughts. No, he was not coerced into leaving you. He left. Periodt.

7. Spend your time doing weird things with weird people
After the denial and acceptance comes the need to work on your confidence all over again. Work, I know right. But the only way to do it is to look around and see, for the first real time, all those people who have wanted to be around you because of how fabulous you are. The people you did not give a chance to because of your relationship status. I do not mean romantically. Believe this- some people just want to be around you for you.


Where am I going with this? When you let people in, sometimes those people wish to go out. Let them. Because you do not want the massive energy that comes with begging them to stay. The doubts that will always creep in, the sadness you will always feel when you look at them and realise at one moment they were so ready for you to leave. Deal with your heartbreak because it will come back again if you don’t. Love and light always…


2 thoughts on “Heartbreak like a pro…

  1. It’s only the beginning of a new phase! Pick yourself up slowly but surely because once you stop then you shrivel!
    Winter is not forever and like a tree you’re leaves and beautiful flowers will soon come out.
    Relationships are assignments even greater ones!
    Don’t let them make you second guess your worth!
    After all life is all about falling and picking yourself up it never ceases.


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