Revisiting your destiny…

Some people are not part of your destiny

Let people go. I repeat- let them blimey people go. Please excuse my language, but I really need you to understand this. This is how you are delaying the greatness that God has instore for you. Lessons you need to learn, tests you need to take. Letting people go is one of them.

Recently I found myself asking several people how they handle rejection. It wasnt the rejection I was struggling with, it was the idea of the action. How can someone reject a soul like me. By the way, I am a beautiful soul- yes I said it! How can someone be tired of this bundle of energy that I am. But yes it happened. The most common answer that I received was that basically it is their loss and not yours. They will never meet another beautiful soul like yours. They will never understand the fire that burns inside you. They will never receive the warmth of your flame. They will never stand in the light of your brightness.

Where am I going with this? Please allow me to rant for a little bit. A few days ago a low-life, self-absorbed, lying-ass, manipulative, entitled, overgrown child of someone told me that I needed to grow up and that they were tired of me. Almost all of my friends are learning about this incident from this post. Why? Because the most immediate feeling we get as humans is embarrassment. After all, we survive on society’s perception and approval of us. Rejection is a sign that somewhere in the same society, you could not fit. But here is the upside of rejection- you get to see the qualities of the same people which you were extremely blind to. Low-life, self-absorbed, manipulative, entitled liars that they are. You don’t need that in your destiny. You don’t need that in your greatness. You definitely don’t need that in the next chapter of your story. There is definitely no space for that in the next plot twist of your life.

Let people go. I admit, its a life-skill. And like all skills go, it is difficult at first and also requires a lot of practice to perfect. But once you learn that skill, your life becomes a whole lot different. It becomes a whole lot better. Stop wasting your energy trying to build people who don’t want to be built, who are not ready to be built. You are not God.
Finally, there is no other way around this one. Im just being very frank with you. You cannot wait for people to decide that they are done with you after surping up all of your energy.No. Just let people go. Press Alt.Ctrl.delete.



7 thoughts on “Revisiting your destiny…

  1. this is really deep, we all tend to not see a lot of these things because we are clouded by “love”….it gets worse because we won’t even see the damage it’s doing to us until it’s too late…. thanks for this reminder ♥


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