Love is simpler than we think…(what I learnt from you)

If I had written this blog post a month ago, I would have probably filled it with “Men are trash” sentiments. But im in “Good man season” thanks to Neyo’s new album.
Remember when I reported that I was in a very undimensional relationship? Well that relationship recently ended. Suddenly. Zapped out. Like someone just switched off the light. Of course,my close friends will know what happened. It is weird how embarrassing it is to admit that one got played on. Even to your close circle. The world looks at you with pity and you feel undertones of “shame,she cant keep a dude” “probably been the side piece this whole time”.
Its even more embarrassing to realise that all those things you tell people are dealbreakers in relationships are actually not when the time comes to face them. Where am I going with this? I learnt that love is simpler than we think. Its either you are together or you are not. The rest is just noise from the world. Because after the fiasco, I was back in there for round 2 of “he is bae and I will love him anyway”

So what happened? Suddenly. Zapped out. Like someone switched off the lights.
I am tempted to make this a “what my ex taught me about love” but he doesnt deserve that mention in my blog. He is more of a “how I understood love after meeting him”
My friends and family complain that I never want to let go of people. And my friend has a theory that I hate letting people go because I had daddy issues. People are so dear to me. I guess this is my petty excuse for what I’m about to write next.
You are soooo special to me. You have no idea. People cannot give what they dont have. But that’s okay too. Maybe in life u are meant to meet that special person that shows you how love should be like.But staying together is another story for another day.
But oh my word you are sooooo special to me. And all I can rmmber was the day you left and I cried like a baby. And I pretended that it was because I had lost something the previous day but deep down inside it was because I totally felt like we had come to the end.
So where do we go from here? On. We go on. We take it a day at a time. Some days we will be great friends while on some we may feel like total strangers. One day we will probably fade into the great unknown. And one day someone will say, “Didn’t you guys know each other?” while looking at a wedding bliss. Dont judge me, these are the thoughts that fill my head. I guess my friends do know me well- letting people go is hella hard!
But when letting go is the only option, you let go.And we have. But thats okay too. And this would not be a blog post about you if it didnt end with the words “xoxo till we overdose”…

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